Port Facilities
Click here to view our Global Partner Guide. More than $74 million in capital improvements are complete including a new interchange and holding rail space and additional infrastructure improvements.

The Port of Beaumont provides customers with access to bulk cargo terminals, freight forwarders, customs brokers, stevedores, chandlers, ship repair services, and other maritime facilities.

Our Newest Facility: Orange County is home to Jefferson Energy.


Three major rail carriers, five major roadways and steamship lines representing nearly all the nations of the world serve the Port of Beaumont.


Our Newest Facility: Orange County
The Port of Beaumont is now using 250 acres on the east bank of the Neches River. The site is home to Jefferson Energy Terminal. This new state-of-the-art petroleum terminal receives crude by rail and truck. The terminal's marine capabilities include a ship dock (40' depth) and a barge dock. Planned pipeline connectivity will connect the terminal with crude and other products to and from major refineries, hubs and terminals. Jefferson Energy Beaumont Terminal was designed and built to serve the most active refining market in the United States.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZySt8nwmGo

Open Storage
More than 90 acres of all-weather, open storage space flanks the southern edge of the Port of Beaumont suitable for marshaling containers, vehicles, project cargo or other cargo not requiring protection from the weather.
Rail Storage Expansion
The Port of Beaumont has completed 28 million in rail improvements, including Orange County, that expand the port's capacity, efficiency and security for switching and operations. Rail improvements within the port enhanced velocity of the interchange while improving air quality and reduced congestion.
Turning Basin
The port's turning basin is 1,100 feet in diameter.
Military Office Building
A new $5.4 million office complex built in 2008 houses the U.S. Surface Deployment and Distribution Command's 842nd Transportation Battalion.
Carroll Street Wharf
The Carroll Street Wharf and its adjacent extension combined have 1,435 feet of harbor front and two sheds offering 108,900 square feet of covered storage.
RO/RO Ramp
A roll on/roll off (RO/RO) ramp with a roadway of 40 feet wide can handle large pieces of cargo. The T-head ramp is 94 feet wide and 168 feet long.
Grain elevator
With one berth and three loading spouts, the Port of Beaumont's 3.5 million bushel grain elevator has a loading capacity of 80,000 bushels per hour. Louis Dreyfus Commodities leases and operates the elevator.
Harbor Island Marine Terminal
345,000 square feet of covered and open storage space and 1,880 feet of berthing space rest at the doorstep of 27 acres of open storage convenient for break bulk ships, heavy-lifts, and side-loading RO/RO carriers.



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